Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It was on Friday the 8 May 2009 when they walked into the office door and sat down responding to a call that I had promised them. " So when should we record I asked them?" "Month end" they replied. But I couldnt wait for month end and so i told then lets do it now! NOW NOW NOW! lets get i Studio and get it down and thats whats we did! We put 8 BIG BIG SONGS, like AIR TIME, MATECHARA and many man many other FIRE tracks down at Ruff RIddims Studios,

They are called MaSuper Star and they are on track to be Super Stars. THe vocalist is Kenny and on the guitar there is Musuoiemang aka Soops. and they are about to take the World by Storm. We finished Recording the Album on Sunday , on Mother's Day and the 8th track that we recorded was a dedication to every mother out there, thanking them for the care and love that they have given. Kenny says it has been 3 years since they left home and cannot go back until they have made some money and look nice and feel they done some thing with their lives. It is my hope that what we have done will be accepted and will change these two young men's lives. Soops says he only when to school until standard 4 because his aunt was a teacher always beat him for being a slow learner. At standard for about 10 years old he ran to the cattle post where he lived there with the leders and learnt how to play the guitar.

THe Next day we they where ready to leave we concluded all business. I asked them If they had a Phone and they said no, So I bought them a Phone, and gave them about US$20 each and they where over the moon and they said, its their first time to see some one helping them the way I have done for them. They said they are ready to work and all is up to me for me to make things happen.

So here we go, another Album is recorded and we getting it ready for release. MaSuper Star is COMING SOON!!!!